Vitamin IV Treatments

They offer these fast-acting benefits:

Boost in Energy | Mental Clarity | Improved Immunity | Reduced Inflammation | Muscle Recovery | Skin Hydration | Hair & Nail Growth | Recovery from Hangover Symptoms


Vitamin IV’ treatments are not curative (i.e. do not have inherent healing properties), but may supplement an overall healthy lifestyle.

*As with any medical treatment, always consult with our healthcare team before selecting a Vitamin Drip.

We will come to you! Mobile Drips and Corporate Packages available (JHB)
Jet Fuel

Recover from burnout and fatigue by increasing energy, mood, immunity and hydration


Reduce fine lines while promoting hair and nail growth

Immunity boost

Enhance immunity and accelerate recovery from colds and flu


Essential electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to support muscle recovery

Big Night

Hydrate and recover from nausea, fatigue and headaches

Brain Food

Improves brain functioning and mental clarity

Revitalize, Recharge, and Renew with Vitamin IV Treatments at Equanimity Wellness

In the bustling pace of modern life, it’s easy for our bodies and minds to feel drained. That’s where Vitamin IV Treatments at Equanimity Wellness come in. An oasis of rejuvenation, our Vitamin IV drips promise not only a swift pick-me-up but a host of other health benefits, all in the ambiance of luxury and relaxation.

Why Opt for Vitamin IV Treatments?

Direct Nutrient Delivery: Unlike oral vitamin supplements that need to pass through the digestive system, our Vitamin IV drips deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. This ensures optimal absorption and immediate effects.

A Range of Benefits: From boosting energy levels to enhancing immunity, from promoting healthy hair and skin to aiding in muscle recovery – the advantages are numerous. Our tailored treatments address specific needs, ensuring that every drip is as beneficial as it is revitalizing.

Quick Yet Relaxing: While the infusion process itself takes just about 15 minutes, we invite our guests to bask in the tranquility of our infusion booths. Sip on a refreshing cup of EquanimiTEA – a delightful blend of honey, mint, ginger, lemon, and Rooibos – and let the stresses of the day melt away.

Customized For You: Understanding that every individual’s needs and preferences are unique, we offer an extensive menu of Vitamin Drips, each designed with specific benefits in mind. Whether you’re recuperating from a late night, prepping for a sports event, or simply in need of a health boost, there’s a perfect drip waiting for you.

Explore Our Signature Vitamin Drips:

Jet Fuel: Kick burnout to the curb! This drip is perfect for those seeking to combat fatigue and boost mood, immunity, and hydration.

Skin: Unveil radiant skin, stronger nails, and lustrous hair. This treatment is a beauty enthusiast’s dream!

Immunity Boost: Give your immune system the support it needs, especially during flu season or when you feel that cold coming on.

Sports: Whether you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys the occasional workout, this drip replenishes essential electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins for effective muscle recovery.

Big Night: Overindulged? This drip helps hydrate and combat symptoms of a hangover, ensuring you’re ready to face a new day.

Brain Food: Elevate cognitive functions and gain mental clarity. A must-have for those demanding days when you need to be at your best.


Safety and Professionalism at Its Best

At Equanimity Wellness, your well-being is our top priority. Our Vitamin IV Treatments, while being an excellent supplement to a healthy lifestyle, are not a cure-all. Always consult our healthcare team to ensure you’re making the best choice for your health.

Did you know that we offer Mobile Drips and Corporate Packages too? Whether you’re in Johannesburg or looking for a health boost at your workplace, we’ve got you covered!


Welcome to the Equanimity Wellness Centre

Equanimity is a next generation, evidence-based wellness centre – located in Sandton, South Africa – that offers a scientific approach to psychedelic assisted therapy.

Our holistic psychedelic-assisted therapy program is underpinned by international best-practice and safely administered and monitored by suitably qualified medical professionals.

The benefit of the psychedelic experience lies in the therapeutic system within which it is grounded. Only with thorough preparation, careful attention to set and setting, a trusting therapeutic relationship and ongoing integration can we begin to tap the truly wondrous potential of these compounds.

We’ve drawn on decades of clinical experience to craft the journey of a lifetime, tailor-made to your personal biography, intentions and long-term vision.

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