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Empower Your Movement: Explore Physiotherapy at Equanimity Wellness

In our pursuit of well-being, often we overlook the value of our body’s natural movement and function. At Equanimity, we don’t just focus on the mind’s wellness but also believe in restoring and enhancing your physical vitality. Our physiotherapy program has been crafted to address this very facet of health, ensuring that every step you take is free from pain and aligned with your well-being.

The Equanimity Physiotherapy Difference

Holistic Approach: While pain relief is crucial, our approach goes beyond it. We aim for a comprehensive restoration of movement and functionality, ensuring that not only is the pain alleviated, but the root cause is addressed, preventing recurrence.

Experienced Hands: Grant Bush is not just any physiotherapist. With a keen interest in both acute and chronic pain management, his expertise extends to sports physio and rehabilitation. His invaluable experience with elite sports teams across various codes ensures that you’re in capable and caring hands.

Tailored Therapies: Recognizing that every individual’s needs are unique, Grant employs customized therapeutic techniques for each patient. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, seeking to optimize your training, or managing chronic pain, the treatment will be tailored to your specific needs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: At Equanimity, we ensure that our facilities are up to the mark. With a serene environment and advanced equipment, your physiotherapy sessions are both effective and enjoyable.

Benefits of Choosing Physiotherapy at Equanimity

Acute & Chronic Pain Management: Gain relief from persistent aches and sudden pains, ensuring a comfortable day-to-day life.

Rehabilitation: Recover from surgeries, injuries, or prolonged illnesses, reclaiming your natural strength and mobility.

Sports Physiotherapy: Whether you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys recreational sports, our therapies aid in quicker recovery from sports-related injuries.

Performance Enhancement: Looking to optimize your sports performance? Grant’s expertise can guide you in training better, ensuring peak physical health.

Injury Prevention: More than just recovery, we emphasize techniques and routines to prevent potential injuries, ensuring long-term physical wellness.

Investing in Your Physical Wellness

It’s often said, “Movement is medicine.” And at Equanimity, we couldn’t agree more. With competitive pricing for initial consultations and follow-ups, we’ve ensured that this essential medicine is accessible to all.

For a body that supports you in every endeavor, for strength that carries you through every challenge, and for a life free from unnecessary pain, explore the transformative power of physiotherapy at Equanimity Wellness.


Welcome to the Equanimity Wellness Centre

Equanimity is a next generation, evidence-based wellness centre – located in Sandton, South Africa – that offers a scientific approach to psychedelic assisted therapy.

Our holistic psychedelic-assisted therapy program is underpinned by international best-practice and safely administered and monitored by suitably qualified medical professionals.

The benefit of the psychedelic experience lies in the therapeutic system within which it is grounded. Only with thorough preparation, careful attention to set and setting, a trusting therapeutic relationship and ongoing integration can we begin to tap the truly wondrous potential of these compounds.

We’ve drawn on decades of clinical experience to craft the journey of a lifetime, tailor-made to your personal biography, intentions and long-term vision.

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