The neologism psychedelic means “mind manifesting”. These molecules serve to promote emotional healing and growth by catalysing intense self-reflection and allow for new perspectives to be adopted through transcendent experiences.

2. Why Choose PSYCHEDELICS For Depression?

In the year 2000, scientists at Yale University began exploring the potential of some psychedelics for helping people with treatment resistant depression. They discovered that by administering sub-anesthetic doses of certain molecules, depressive symptoms were rapidly and significantly reduced. Unlike traditional antidepressants which may take weeks to be effective and have a host of unwanted side effects, the benefits of psychedelics may be felt within 2 hours. These benefits may be sustained with the help of psychotherapy. 

Psychedelics have been described as ‘the biggest breakthrough in depression research in 50 years.’ This is because they are:

  • Quick: Psychedelics take effect within minutes and a single infusion lasts less than an hour. 
  • Safe: Psychedelics have few risks and side effects. At Equanimity, our careful medical and psychological screenings ensure safety.
  • Effective: Psychedelics’ positive effects are rapid and robust. 
  • Legal: Some psychedelics are approved for use in South Africa. 

3. How Do Psychedelics Treat Depression and Other Conditions?

In conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance use, PTSD and OCD, neural pathways in the brain become rigid and fixed, resulting in low mood, excessive and repetitive worry, rumination and unhealthy habits. 

By placing your brain into a state that may be likened to a wakeful dream, psychedelics allows different brain regions to activate, connect and communicate. In this state, we experience fundamental shifts in our perceptions of ourselves and reality, allowing us to process trauma and loss, resolve inner conflict, release suppressed emotion, gain self-insight and transform core beliefs and behaviors that may no longer serve us. 

4. How Do You Administer Psychedelics?

Our medical doctors administer psychedelics intravenously (via a drip) in the arm. This allows us to carefully control dosage, onset and offset of action, as well as potential side effects. Our beautifully designed, private infusion booths provide the perfect setting for a safe and meaningful psychedelic journey. You are carefully monitored throughout your experience by our clinical team. 

5. What Happens During an Infusion and How Long Does it Last?

You are welcomed into your private booth and seated comfortably in a recliner. An IV is inserted into your arm. Eye shades are placed over your eyes and noise canceling headphones over your ears. Your phone is placed on flight mode and your headphones are connected to our carefully curated Spotify music playlist. Our dedicated doctors administer the psychedelic and you are invited to relax and enjoy the journey. The infusion lasts for between 40-60 minutes. 

6. How Do I Make the Benefits Last Longer?

The benefits of psychedelic medicine are deepened and sustained by thorough preparation and integration therapy. Coupling these therapies with the mindfulness-based practices hosted at our Centre, such as yoga, breathwork, meditation and deliberate cold exposure is the best way to continuously enjoy the positive changes initiated by your psychedelic infusions. Our expert clinicians will design a tailor-made program for you based on your intentions and goals. 

7. Who is Unsuitable for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy?

Despite the excellent safety profile of psychedelics, they may not be suitable for some, including people with a history of psychosis or those currently struggling with manic episodes. Certain medical conditions may also be contraindicated with psychedelics, such as uncontrolled hypertension, a history of brain hemorrhage or aneurism, recent heart attack or stroke and heart arrhythmia. Our clinical team conducts thorough medical and psychological screenings to ensure you are a safe candidate for psychedelic assisted therapy. 

8. What Does A Psychedelic Experience Feel Like?

Although your mindset going into a psychedelic journey is key in determining the nature of the experience, many people describe a sense of awe and sacredness, transcendence of space and time, profound peace and ineffability (indescribable wonder). Physically, you may experience tingling sensations and slightly elevated heart rate. ‘Out of body’ experiences have also been reported at higher doses.

“Sitting, staring at the sun on top of the world on my last day after Yoga and meditation, crying tears of joy is one of the best feelings I've ever experienced in my life! Knowing that I was in a safe environment with incredible people that deeply care for my wellbeing allowed me the freedom to let go of my fears, my anxiety and perceived limitations. I was given a second chance at life and this is truly the greatest feeling in the world! I am extremely grateful to be part of this process.” | W.R.* *As a healthcare facility, we abide by patient confidentiality. All patient reviews are provided anonymously, unless express permission has been obtained to include their names.
“My journey brought me to a place of pure consciousness. I felt the moment of my conception and emerged from there freed of all my life’s pain, guilt, traumas and resentments. I felt an unbelievable power of self and I totally trust that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I fell in love with Me, accompanied by overwhelming happiness that I had long forgotten. I had clarity and direction after years of being lost. The fact that I was not alone and was sharing this experience with five other, like-minded, people allowed me to fully immerse myself with no threat of judgement. Each person’s journey’s different but we were all in need of something and with careful preparation and guidance were able to achieve what we were seeking.” | B.S.* *As a healthcare facility, we abide by patient confidentiality. All patient reviews are provided anonymously, unless express permission has been obtained to include their names.
“The facilitators make you feel like you’re the only person there with the way they pay attention to your needs, see you and hold space for you. My life has been forever changed for the better. Any chance you can get to go, please do yourself the favor and go! Your future self thanks you in advance. What an experience! Eternally grateful to the wholesome humans behind this experience.” | S.N.* *As a healthcare facility, we abide by patient confidentiality. All patient reviews are provided anonymously, unless express permission has been obtained to include their names.

Welcome to the Equanimity Wellness Centre

Equanimity is a next generation, evidence-based wellness centre – located in Sandton, South Africa – that offers a scientific approach to psychedelic assisted therapy.

Our holistic psychedelic-assisted therapy program is underpinned by international best-practice and safely administered and monitored by suitably qualified medical professionals.

The benefit of the psychedelic experience lies in the therapeutic system within which it is grounded. Only with thorough preparation, careful attention to set and setting, a trusting therapeutic relationship and ongoing integration can we begin to tap the truly wondrous potential of these compounds.

We’ve drawn on decades of clinical experience to craft the journey of a lifetime, tailor-made to your personal biography, intentions and long-term vision.

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